Brian & Skyler: Married

I am continuing to be super behind on the posts, but we all know the holidays can get a little crazy!  I’ve finally got a moment to sit down and share some photos with you all, and I figured it would be good to share a wedding I October…so yea like I said..super behind..

Seriously though, what a fun and creative wedding!  It was my first wedding held in a barn (I can’t even begin to express how excited I was about this) and the bride did an incredible job with the decorations!  Although it rained most of the day, causing us to drive across Ft. Wayne to find a spot for pictures, it was still a perfect day and I am so glad I got to share it with them! ❤

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Victor & Olivia: Engaged

I am SOO behind on’s been a busy couple of weeks but never late than never, right?

This engagement session was quite an adventure!  I drove all the way to Columbus, Ohio, having no idea where I was going had it not been for the GPS on my phone…except my GPS stopped working with about an hour left of the drive.  I am so thankful for my amazing hubby who got on Google maps, looked up where I was (because I seriously had no clue), and directed me through country and farmland to get me to my shoot.  Needless to say I was a bit flustered when I arrived.

This lovely couple took me in, introduced me to their adorable family (or re-introduced me…I shot the bride’s brother’s wedding last Christmas, so I already had an idea of how lovely this family really was) and off we went to shoot some photos on Olivia’s grandparent’s farm.  I can’t say enough about how sweet Victor and Olivia were to photograph.  They are so obviously in love that just about every photo I took was of a giggle or loving glance. It’s couples like this that make me feel so blessed to be a photographer; to be able to capture these moments for someone is something I really can’t explain, so you’ll just have to see for yourself.



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Senior Shoot

keegan: senior photo shoot

Man, am I excited that I got to do Keegan’s senior photos.  What a great kid.  I got to spend a week with him in Haiti last spring when Matt and I took some of the youth group kids on a missions trip there.  Poor guy was sick the first few days, but he stuck it out and worked hard the whole time he was there; you don’t see that kind of effort in many high-schoolers these days, you know?

Keegan is on the Center Grove high school football team, and what a GREAT season they had.  Their last game was on Friday (unfortunately it was a loss right before the state game) but I hope they’re so proud of themselves and the job they’ve done.  Keegan and a pretty big handful of the team are in our youth group, so it was awesome to see how the Lord moved through these guys to build such a strong team.  Proud of you guys!  So anyway, here’s some of the photos from the session with Keegan! (Not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool taking photos out on the CG football field…) 🙂


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Family Shoot

the eldridge’s: family session

Seriously, I can’t feel more blessed than I do now.  I was afraid that in leaving my job it would be super difficult to get photography clients, especially living in a fairly new city.  But so far the Lord has blessed me with more than I could have asked for.  Part of that blessing was through Ariel of Ariel Eldridge Photography.. she has referred a couple clients to me this fall, and then asked me to take some photos of her adorable little family. 

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous…if you go to her website you’ll see what I mean when I say she’s an excellent photographer.  So shooting someone with more experience brought on the nerves as I thought of what little I know about how to pose families and how obvious it would be that I had clue what I was doing.  Regardless, her family was so kind and it meant a lot to me that she was willing to give me some practice on taking family photos 🙂  Not to mention her three little boys were an absolute blast to shoot! With those sweet faces and boyish mannerisms, I got so many cute moments it was hard to pick a favorite!  So thanks, Ariel & family, for being so generous and helpful…you guys are so great and I can’t thank you enough for letting me capture a few moments for you!



come on in: a tour of (part of) our first home

I’ve been thinking about the direction of this blog, and as much as I LOVE posting my “work photography,” I think it’d be great to post some personal stuff as well.  Well, I just cleaned the house yesterday, and finally finished a few projects I’ve been working on (like actually hanging up some pictures) so what better time to show you guys the makings of our first home!

My husband and I lived in an apartment for a whole three months before we decided “shoot, let’s just buy a whole house!” So we found one, and better yet it’s across the street from some really fantastic friends.

I love this place.  I’m so glad we decided to buy because being able to do whatever I want, wherever I want, is pretty fantastic.  Oh, spilled something on the carpet?  At least we don’t have to pay a fee!  Sick of that wall?  Yea, we’re planning on knocking it down like, asap.  How ’bout some new floors?  Done.  The linoleum we thought was cream was actually once white, so thank goodness we covered that crap up with some nice wood floors!

It’s really great.

So to start, I’ll let you see my living/dining room!  (They’re basically the same room..that’s just the way it goes in a small house, you know.)  You can’t see any of the other rooms yet, they aren’t finished..but maybe someday! Says every home owner who never actually finishes said rooms.
But first, I’ll show you the “before’s” from the previous owners, just so you can get an idea of what we’ve done to the place so far!

picture-uh=aa583c12b7e1c9d926fc203610b0f9d-ps=4b3d96c5c14bf455ec9812f8dfbcad1 IS99l3r9j2bv9q0000000000 IS13jr83fu2y9q0000000000
It was a little bright for our we painted everything.  So worth the difference! It looks like a completely different house.

DSC_0255DSC_0923 DSC_0275 DSC_0246I made a banner for our fireplace out of some old post cards written to my great grandmother.  I was excited to finally make use of them since they were just sitting in a box for the longest time!  I love putting those personal touches around the home; I think it makes everything seem a little more unique.


This is our Rue baby.  She’s a six month old lab puppy and a little devil at 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.  She loves paper, pens, sunglasses, and shoes…  but we have no clue what we’d do without her.

DSC_0913 DSC_0914 DSC_0915DSC_0263

Chalkboards.  Can’t get enough of ’em.

Hopefully something here made you feel at home!

Now, let’s just hope I can keep it this clean for over two days…


Family Shoot

the mcdonald family

This is one of the first family shoots I’ve done, and what a blast it was! We had to postpone because of weather, and I’m SO glad we did! We ended up with a perfect sunset in the park, and absolutely beautiful weather.  And talk about some adorable little girls, so full of life and fun!  It wasn’t difficult to get some pretty sweet photos of these sisters together, especially when there were ice cream bribes involved. 😉