Family Shoot

office pride appreciation (mini session)

My incredible parents own a commercial cleaning business..they’ve built it from the ground up, starting from one employee (my stepdad) and moving on up to over 40 employees in just a few years. (I was one of those employees in my engaged-to-be-married months!) Now my stepdad and my mom run the business together, which is the most adorable thing ever. The respect and admiration I have for the way they run their business can’t be stated in a blog post; they have given everything to God, given up on some dreams to make way for others, gone through some rough patches with learning how to run their own business, and have been blessed immensely for their hard work and honorable standards.

All this to say, a lot of the credit can also be given to their amazing employees. Cleaning is not an easy fact, I would argue it’s one of the most difficult. Late nights, crazy messy offices (when I cleaned, there was an office that CONSISTENTLY had food crumbs and smears everywhere, and let’s not even go into detail about how sick the bathrooms could be sometimes…), the occasional creeper driving around outside resulting in police calls, lots of physical labor along with the fact that most of them work all by themselves makes for an intense working situation..but I know many them who have stayed with it, working incredibly hard and doing an astounding job. My parents, of course, see much more of this in their employees than I do, and so they decided to hold an Office Pride Appreciation Day to thank their employees and friends for the job well done.

They invited everyone to come out, bring their families, eat some great food, and get family photos taken. When my mom hired me to take the pictures, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I met met some of the most amazing people; some of the sweetest families. I was shocked to find that a majority of them had either never had family pictures taken, or had never had them professionally done, so I went into it a little bit nervous, wanting them to have a great experience with professional photos. It seemed to go well!

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Family Shoot

jason lavery: birth story

Where do I even begin to express the beauty of experiencing a birth?  I always thought that the moment a mom and dad see their little one for the first time would be the most beautiful of all, but what about the strength of a mother in labor? Or the watery eyes of a father holding his son in the quiet moments after the nurses have left.  My great friends, Kevin and Audra, blessed me.  They blessed me beyond anything I could have ever expected.  They invited me to share the most special hours a couple will ever experience together: they asked me to photograph the birth of their first child.

Jason Andrew Lavery was born on 1.4.14, at 5:41 a.m (lots of 1’s and 4’s!).  His mama was a champ.  I have never seen a woman in labor before, (aside from health class in 5th grade, so that doesn’t count)  and Audra was incredible.  If there was ever proof of the strength of a woman, it’s in childbirth.  I expected screaming and yelling and all sorts of horrible things.  Instead I found calm, patient, quiet, loving, and soft.  (I’m not sure if Audra would say this is how she felt, but this is what she showed me.)

I was terrified when I walked in the room.  I was afraid I would be in the way, and that I wouldn’t be able to get the shots they needed.  But as soon as I stepped inside, I felt welcome.  It was definitely a bustle of activity; nurses coming in and out, people helping Audra breathe through contractions, machines being moved in every direction, but no one minded that I was there.  I just made my way to a corner of the room, took a quick breath, and started photographing this new life.  With Audra’s permission, I wanted to share some of the things I saw that early, early morning.  It was just captivating.  I had to wipe tears from my eyes every two seconds so I could see through my lens, and then again as I edited each photo the next day.  So I hope you enjoy the moments when this precious baby boy entered the world…I know I did.  Love you Kevin and Audra (and baby Jason), thank you for letting me be a part of this.DSC_0016 DSC_0037 DSC_0069-2 DSC_0161 DSC_0183 DSC_0275-2 DSC_0284 DSC_0316

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