Senior Shoot

keegan: senior photo shoot

Man, am I excited that I got to do Keegan’s senior photos.  What a great kid.  I got to spend a week with him in Haiti last spring when Matt and I took some of the youth group kids on a missions trip there.  Poor guy was sick the first few days, but he stuck it out and worked hard the whole time he was there; you don’t see that kind of effort in many high-schoolers these days, you know?

Keegan is on the Center Grove high school football team, and what a GREAT season they had.  Their last game was on Friday (unfortunately it was a loss right before the state game) but I hope they’re so proud of themselves and the job they’ve done.  Keegan and a pretty big handful of the team are in our youth group, so it was awesome to see how the Lord moved through these guys to build such a strong team.  Proud of you guys!  So anyway, here’s some of the photos from the session with Keegan! (Not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool taking photos out on the CG football field…) 🙂


all images copyright of emilykayphotography 2013


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