Jacob & Katie Bignell: Wedding

I was so blessed to have been a part of this day.  Katie was my RA my freshman year of college, so to be able to share in her wedding day was such a special thing.  Jacob and Katie are one of those rare couples that express a love so deep and unconditional for each other that it was really hard to get a bad picture.  Every part of their day was just so sweet, and I had trouble picking just a few pictures to share, so this’ll be a longer post.  😉 Enjoy!

cDSC_0931 blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7 blog8 blog9 blog10 blog11 blog12cDSC_0704 bDSC_0064cDSC_0708 bDSC_0127 bDSC_0132 bDSC_0138 bDSC_0165 bDSC_0195 bDSC_0256 bDSC_0383bDSC_0295 bDSC_0301 copy bDSC_0306 bDSC_0354 bDSC_0412 bDSC_0429DSC_0482cDSC_0487 copyblog13 blog15 blog16 blog17blog14 blog20 blog21 blog19 blog18cDSC_0493 cDSC_0507 cDSC_0503cDSC_0003 cDSC_0902cDSC_0945 cDSC_0861 cDSC_0774 cDSC_0769dDSC_0120dDSC_0045 dDSC_0105 dDSC_0130 dDSC_0160 dDSC_0225 dDSC_0319 dDSC_0299 (1) dDSC_0377 dDSC_0388 dDSC_0424 dDSC_0632 dDSC_0726 dDSC_0735 dDSC_0770 dDSC_0759



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